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Government Services

Embassy of Lebanon - Ottawa
Consular services in English, French and Arabic

Government of Lebanon
Official website.

Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants
Information about the ministry and a data base for Lebanese living abroad.

Lebanese Ministry of Economy & Trade
Vital information regarding the Lebanese economy, ministry services and regulations and other related topics.

Lebanese Ministry of Tourism
Excellent site for visitors and information on the history of Lebanon.

Lebanese Ministry of Post & Telecommunication
Information about phone, postal and internet service in Lebanon, including phone directory.

Central Administration of Statistics
A public administration within the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport
Info, flight schedules, meteorological services, etc.

Beirut Port Authority
Info, schedules, quay occupants, etc.

Campaign for Good Governance in Lebanon
Internet-based advocacy group of secular and humanist Lebanese and friends of Lebanon with the aim of establishing good and modern governance in Lebanon.

Lebanese Court Decisions & Legal Software.

Bank of Lebanon
Central Bank of Lebanon.

Lebanese Armed Forces
Officeal website.

Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Invest to rebuild Lebanon.





Information about Lebanon

Informative site about Lebanon with links to services.

Information about Lebanon.


Lebanon Links
Lebanese pop culture information.

Music by Lebanese and other Arabic artists to sample or purchase.

News Media

Future Television
News and popular culture from Lebanon.

The Daily Star
Daily Lebanese newspaper in English.


News and information about Lebanon in Arabic.

News and information in Arabic.

News and information in Arabic.

News and information about Lebanon in Arabic.

Lebanese Universities

American University of Beirut

Université Libanaise

Lebanese American University

University of Balamand

Université Saint-Joseph

Beirut Arab University

Beirut University Online