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Being a volunteer is an essential part of a person's development, and as such, many schools, universities, and employers have valued volunteering for all of the following benefits:

  • it allows us to take a break from our normal routine such as working, studying, or running a business
  • it gives us the opportunity to exercise our talents
  • it is a good educational experience
  • it allows us to give back to and improve the community
  • it allows us to interact with other people
  • it gives us the sense of responsibility and achievement

WLCU executives are all volunteers and they work hard to preserve the Lebanese culture and identity. They find it enjoyable to serve our community and others. WLCU's many activities and services are managed by volunteers and we are always looking for new individuals to take the first step in community work and become a volunteer.

We have a wide range of challenging activities that will allow anyone to exercise their talents and help others. The following is a list of WLCU-Edmonton activities that require volunteers:

  • Independence Day Celebration
  • Arabic school
  • Annual BBQ
  • Heritage Days
  • Movie Club
  • Sports team (men and Women)
  • Boy Scouts (coming soon)
  • Music Classes (coming soon)
  • Office administration, including manning the office for couple of hours a week.

Please contact the office for more information and to volunteer for the WLCU.

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WLCU Edmonton welcome suggestions that are aimed to improve and extend the services offered by our organization. Suggestions will be reviewed by the executive committee and acted upon if it is within the capacity of the WLCU mandate and its bylaws. Suggestions could include improvements to our web site, activities that benefit the community, cultural events, and services. Please include your contact information so WLCU executive can get in touch with you for further information. Please select from the email links below - we thank you in advance for your positive suggestions.




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