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WLCU-Edmonton Chapter


The World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU) is an international, secular, non-denominational, non-profit organization sponsored by the Government of Lebanon in cooperation with Lebanese emigrants abroad. The WLCU endeavours to:

  • Unite the talents and capabilities of emigrants for the purpose of supporting the motherland socially and economically
  • Preserve the cultural and traditional ties of the emigrants with Lebanon
  • Promote the teaching and preservation of the Arabic language and culture


WLCU Objectives

  1. Provide for the recreation of its members by organizing and promoting opportunities for social and cultural activities.
  2. Encourage and promote amateur games, sports and exercise activities, among its members and the community at large.
  3. Provide social, cultural, and physical activities focusing on seniors, to enhance their health and social life in general.
  4. Encourage, foster and develop recognition among the youth and general members of the importance of education, technology, peaceful civil societies, environment protection and community development.
  5. Conduct literary and debating activities to discuss topics of general interest and encourage the practice of public speaking among its members.
  6. Provide opportunities for the delivery of lectures on social, educational, political, economics and other subjects of interest to its members.
  7. Arrange presentations of musical and drama performances, art exhibits and other forms of entertainment.
  8. Establish and maintain a library and a reading room.
  9. Provide a center and a suitable meeting place for the various activities of the community.
  10. Promote cooperation with organizations of similar objectives locally, nationally or internationally.
  11. Promote stronger cultural and educational links among Alberta, Canada, and Lebanon.
  12. Strengthen economic, business and tourism relations among Alberta, Canada, and Lebanon.
  13. Undertake humanitarian projects supporting disadvantaged people in the areas of health, education and basic human needs.
  14. Provide emergency assistance to the victims of natural or manmade disasters, directly or through humanitarian organizations providing such relief

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Edmonton Chapter

The Edmonton Chapter is made up of membership of Lebanese Canadians and a volunteer executive. Together, we organize and participate in many activities locally, nationally and abroad. You can find more information in our latest newsletter.


Goals of the Edmonton Chapter

  • Represent all Lebanese, regardless of political or religious affiliations.
  • Create and manage community events and programs which promote education, culture, sports and good citizenship.
  • Protect the interests of the community.
  • Are home and institute for every Lebanese , a beacon a voice.
  • Are conduit to the Homeland, the perpetual link to Lebanon.
  • Are the official link between governments.
  • Are not associated or influenced by any political or religious organizations.
  • Have a good communication network.

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WLCU-Edmonton Executive, 2015-2016
Board of Directors
Council of Trustees

Hussein Blaibel - President
Nizar Ali - Vice President
Raja Mita - Treasurer
Ali Fneich - Director
Ahmed Daoud - Director
Walid Haymour - Director
Anas Melhem - Secretary

Hassan Seifeddine - Chairman
Samir Blaibel - Vice Chairman, Secretary
Akram Atwi - Trustee
Walid Shmeit - Trustee
Samir Sleiman - Trustee